Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Flow Tank

I started a new knitting project a couple of weeks ago, the Flow tank top by Norah Gaughan, using Seduce yarn in the shade called Adirondak Chair. I don't knit often, and I'm slow to boot, so it takes forever for me to finish a project. I've finished about three inches on this one when, last night, I came to the sad conclusion that the size is all wrong. I remeasured everything this morning, and it's true; if I just keep going along, I'm going to end up with a tank top that is huge.

So I'm going to have to rip it out, change needle sizes and start over. It's frustrating, especially since I did do a swatch, but there's no point in putting a lot of effort into a knitted project knowing that it won't turn out right. Besides, I'm really not that far along; if I actually sat down and knit every night I'd make it up fairly quickly.

So, here it is before I rip it back (I really do need to stop taking pictures of everything from above).

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