Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cashew Brittle

A recent issue of Martha Stewart's Living had a recipe for cashew bars. Looked easy enough, so I tried them. Turns out they are really good, and easy to make, so I've made them often (but not often enough, some would say). I made one big change: I don't use a loaf pan, and I'm not lining anything with plastic wrap. (The plastic wrap just sounds wrong, so the first time I made it I used wax paper. Bad idea; it stuck and I couldn't get it all off.) The loaf pan made bars that were very thick and nearly impossible to cut. So now, I butter a dinner plate and spread the brittle on the plate. The brittle pops off (usually, have to be sure to butter the plate well) and is thin so is easily broken into bite sized bits. The recipe is small though, and I really should double it.

I've used almonds successfully, but cashews are preferred here. And sometimes (if I remember, and I didn't remember today) I'll toss in some flax seeds, too.

The best part, though, is that I get to fry oatmeal, just the way Lisa Douglas cooks her oatmeal on Green Acres!

Cashew bars cooling on plate.

Cashew bars broken into pieces.

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Annie said...

Patty - this looks good! So do the whoopie pies!