Sunday, July 19, 2009

Corn Beans and Squash

The week we were away the corn must have grown two feet. It also produced tassels and ears. After not seeing the garden for a week it was quite a shock to pull into the driveway and find this:

The corn is taller than I am and has actual ears on it, and the squash plants (Sweet Dumpling) have teeny little squashes on them. No beans yet, but here's still time.

The tomatoes are doing great, should have a few cherry tomatoes ripen tomorrow. Picked some hot peppers and one sweet pepper.

I am a little concerned about the tomatoes, as there is a tomato blight in the Northeast. I think I should spray a fungicide to keep them going this summer.

Speaking of veggies, I made Summer Vegetables Cooked in Their Own Juices (From Local Flavors: Cooking and Eating from America's Farmers Markets by Deborah Madison). It's basically a stew of vegetables, cooked with the garlic and herbs on the bottom, and the veggies layered according to how long the veggies take to cook (the ones that need more time are on the bottom of the pot). After it's all done, serve it with a basil puree (basically pesto without the pine nuts). I served this for dinner with a loaf of Italian bread and some sauteed chicken breasts.

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